Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Taking care of your extensions

Natural hair if damaged can be restored by taking care and nourishing them again but extensions once damaged cannot be repaired. It is very important that you take good care of your extensions because you certainly did not spend that good amount of money to have them just for a month.  We will talk about some tips on how you can prolong the life of your extensions and save the same grace they had on the first day.

    Wash your hair correctly.

  1.  Be sure to use shampoos and conditioners that do not contain any silicon or detergents. Detergents destroy the glue used in putting the extensions and you may have to reinstall them sooner. Massage gently with your finger tips on your scalp and try not to ring out the hair much. It is recommended to wash hair every two days. 
    hair extensions
    Do not over heat your hair extensions. 
  2. Keep the heat limited.

  3.  You should stay away from overheating your extensions. Try to dry your hair naturally. If you are heating your hair for styling, be sure to apply heat protecting serum first. Brush your hair in sections. Hold your hair from one part to detangle them applying less pressure on your extensions.
  4. Store your clip-ins nicely.

  5. You should keep your clip-in hair extensions or weaves washed, cleaned, detangled and store them in an air tight container large enough to store them. You do not want to have a messy bundle of discolored hair when you re-open it.
  6. Know your extensions

  7. Make sure you know whether your extensions are synthetic or human because taking care of both is very different. Human hair can be brushed, curled and styled in versatile manner whereas synthetic hair usually does not provide you with that kind of flexibility.
  8. Be Gentle.

  9.  You cannot be harsh on your extensions. This will break them. Avoid over pulling them, wringing or knotting them. Knotting your hair tightly is no way to go if you want them to last longer.
  10. Consult with your Stylist.

  11. Keep in touch with your stylist for a check up on your hair or if you are thinking of getting a cut, re-installation or entangling.
toronto synthetic hair
Your hair stylists knows a lot about hair extensions. Be sure to ask them.

You can keep your extensions healthy and good looking for a longer time by just giving extra care. It is an ongoing process and does need commitment and effort. This is written by House of beauty. We are a major supplier of hair extensions of all kinds in Toronto Ontario. 


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